Breaking Gray...

I was recently invited to escape cold, gray Columbus, Ohio for a weekend in Marco Island, Florida to visit my in-laws. I was thrilled to have an entire day and a half of brilliant sunshine, temperatures in the high seventies and the freedom to sink my feet in the sand with my family, lounge on the beach with a good book and to slow down long enough to soak up the colors and patterns around me!

My last day there the weather turned dark and winds were harsh, turning my Florida oasis ironically into the same shade of gray that I had left (and was now preparing to return to) in Ohio! Squeezing in a final walk before heading home, I had to laugh at these guys, each bracing against the strong wind, they refused to move and forced all beachcombers to walk around them!


Back in my studio, a painting I had completed a while back, now proves to be the perfect reminder of my weekend! What color gives you a break from the gray?