Pinch and a Punch, It's the First of the Month...

We have now entered February, so you'll be seeing red, pink and purple for 14 days, until retailers have to quickly swap out St. Valentine's Day for incoming St. Patty's Day! Don't blink, you might miss it and have a disgruntled spouse, significant other or family member on your hands!

I miss having small children, and the fun we'd have making valentines for classmates, teachers, neighbors and family! Looking back, we made some fun ones through the our salt-dough heart-shaped kitchen magnets (which was in Parents magazine, showing my son, Jackson at the time).

There were the multi-colored crayons made by melting crayon shavings into foil-lined, heart-shaped mini muffin tins. Then there were the years of carving linoleum blocks and handprinting valentines (no fingers were lost in the process). Then we played with polaroid film, taking a head shot of each boy, having them gently scratch hearts and arrows into the background of their picture as it formed, and adding the punchline..I'm "Picturing" You as My Valentine, Be Mine!

My favorite valentine was sent to me when I was about 7, by my oldest brother who was away at college. It was a simple, black, thin-lined sketch of two whales, nose to nose in the water (tails sticking up, rows of squiggly lines for waves, and their blow-holes each spouting one red heart amidst a spray of water! I thought it was the coolest thing ever to open the mailbox and find it addressed to me!

Upcoming blog posts from me will share some valentine ideas/illustrations I've created so please keep checking back and know that reproductions are available by emailing me...and remember you are never too old to create, share, and send a valentine!


"I'd be standing tall if you were my valentine!"