Wooded Bliss...

My husband and I were in the Hudson River Valley over the weekend to attend a friend's wedding. The weather was warm when we arrived, and the sun was shining. We had the added honor of being welcomed to stay in The Lantern House, a contemporary, residential property that my husband had recently photographed for NYC architect, Marica Mckeel.  Our accommodations were astounding.  Marica welcomed us into her weekend home, called the Tinker Box, where she gave us the full tour and shared how she had designed (not only the home) but some of the furniture and light fixtures and had painted some of the art gracing the walls. Then we followed her to The Lantern House, our weekend accommodations...Amazing.

It was so quiet and peaceful, the only sounds were the occasional skittering of leaves dropping to the ground, a distant bird's call and the breeze as we watched chipmunks chasing each other about!

One creative, intuitive, thoughtful, artist! Check out her website (http://maricamckeel.com/studio) and check out my husband's to see more images of The Lantern House and the Tinker Box! (www.feinknopf.com)